About us

When we opened Happy Sun of Pag in 2016 we had one goal.

The hotel had to live up to its name.

To make you happy and shiny like a Sun we insisted on big rooms. All the colors are bright and happy. The relaxing zone spreads all around the pool. But modern hotel on its own isn’t enough. The staff is the soul of the hotel.

We choose all our staff through conversation. We don't look only for skills, we need to see
that special happy energy.

Happy energy is the reason why are dishes from our restaurant so tasty. Chefs are happy so they can show skill at the highest level.

Cleaning ladies are happy too. Thank them for feeling like you’re entering a fresh, new room every day.

Happy energy drives our receptionists so they answer all your question with pleasure.

Happiness spreads easily. We are sure you’ll feel the rush of positive energy after entering
Happy Sun of Pag.

To keep happiness level high – contact reception. They’ll give you info about nice places in Novalja and on Pag. They’ll help you plan your new favorite day.

You can discover some secrets on foot. For some, you’ll need a scooter or a quad. Relax.
You won’t have to waste time looking for a rent a scooter agency. Just ask at the reception.
Wanting to present you Pag in the best light, we’ll rent you scooter or quad. You just sit and drive to the adventure.

When you come back, tell us all about your day, because happiness grows when you
share it.